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Fill gaps in knowledge, create working bases, develop concepts, test on site, name conflicts, offer solutions, draw maps ...


Ausgeräumte Landschaft - Kein Platz für Wildkatzen
Create Plannings, swap areas or use different, plant trees and hedges, allow natural development, combine compensation and replacement measures, overcome obstacles...


Wild cat at a lure in the National Park Hainich
Set up lure, collect wild cat hair, perform genetic testing, verify success


Inform, motivate, attract partners, form alliances

The rescue net

To ensure the survivalof the small tigers in our countryside the BUND has been working on the "safety net for the European wildcat" since July 2004. The vision: a nation-wide network of wildcat forests in Germany.

It all started with a pilot project in Thuringia. The national park Hainich - one of Germany's most primeval forests - shall be connected with the Thuringian Forest stuated at a distance of 20 kilometres. Both forests are ideal habitats but at the moment the European wildcats only live in the Hainich in larger numbers. The Thuringian Forest is out of their reach.


Four sub-projects constitute the network: